Support local Defund DAPL Campaign

Seattle-area environmental groups are banding together with social justice organizations to launch a local Defund DAPL campaign as a way to build on the Standing Rock protests.

Does your money fund pipeline construction? What industries does your bank lend to? Socially-responsible banking can play a big role in creating an economy focused on clean, sustainable energy.

Defund DAPL will host local events targeting DAPL lenders and asking us as consumers to move our money to more responsible institutions—and even more importantly, to work with our own city and council officials to implement socially-responsible banking policies.

The goal is to raise awareness that when we bank with an institution that lends money to a project like DAPL, our money becomes part of that loan. By moving our money, we refuse to support the fossil fuel industry.

We’ll be posting more about environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible finance. In the meantime, there are MANY local events coming up in December and January from the Defund DAPL crew.

Follow their new Facebook page to learn more and to find an event to attend:

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