Tell the EPA to lock in emissions standards

Tell the EPA to lock in strong emissions standards for new cars and trucks.

The EPA is about to finalize its review of emissions standards for model year 2022-2025 cars and light-duty trucks. Their proposal is to maintain the strong emissions standards created in 2012—and if the EPA moves quickly, they can lock in these standards before the new director takes office.

Please leave a public comment before December 30 urging the EPA to finalize the emissions standards.

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Here is some sample language to get you started. (PLEASE personalize as best you can so that we don’t generate duplicate responses. It can be especially helpful to add information if you have a scientific, engineering, or manufacturing background.)

“I’m writing to urge the EPA to approve and immediately finalize its determination that the MY 2022-2025 emissions standards for cars and light-duty trucks are appropriate and achievable.

The current EPA standards for these vehicles will save consumers money and provide benefits to the health and welfare of all Americans. By moving quickly to lock in these standards, the EPA will provide automakers more certainty and will better position the US to meet its Paris climate commitments.

Automakers have a wide range of technology pathways available to meet the standards, and manufacturers are adopting fuel efficient technologies at unprecedented rates—all while vehicle sales have increased for 6 consecutive years.

In addition, car manufacturers can meet the MY 2022-2025 standards at lower costs than predicted in the 2012 EPA rulemaking that established these standards.

These standards will help protect public health, enable the car industry to meet consumer demand for fuel-efficient vehicles, and allow the US to meet its international obligations to the Paris climate treaty. Please approve and finalize them immediately after the commend period closes on Dec. 30, 2016.”

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