Keep solar strong in Washington

Call your legislators in Olympia to ask them to support the 2017 Solar Bill, HB 1048.

BONUS: Leave a public comment supporting the bill.

Everyone in Eastern WA — your voices are especially important! Support from Senators in Eastern WA will be critical to passing this bill.

–> When: This week. HB 1048 had a hearing in the House this week, and could move quickly back to the floor for a vote. The bill will move slower in the State Senate.

Why is the bill important?

In 2016, the legislature failed to renew the state’s solar program, leaving Washington stuck with an outdated and expiring solar policy that locks out many customers who want to go solar.

The 2017 Solar Bill provides a clear and stable solar policy that protects existing solar customers, expands utility company participation in solar, provides stable incentives for new residential solar, and makes it easier for small businesses and non-profits to go solar.

–> How: Call your two State Representatives and your State Senator in Olympia.

Use this link to look up your representatives:

If you already know your representatives’ names, you can find their phone numbers here:

–> Sample script:

“Hi, I’m a constituent of Representative ____________, and I’d like to leave an important message for her.”

“I’m calling to ask her to please support HB 1048, the 2017 Solar Bill.”

When you call your State Senator:

“I’m calling to ask her to support the 2017 Solar Bill when it comes to the Senate. It’s currently in the House as HB 1048.”

That’s it! You did it!

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