Tell WA state to update emissions targets

Tell Washington legislators it’s time to update our greenhouse gas emissions targets.

–> Call members of the House Environment Committee to ask them to support stronger emissions targets by voting for HB 1144. (Phone numbers are at the end of this post.)

HB 1144 has a public hearing TODAY (1/23) at 1:30 before the House Environment Committee. (It’s great if you call before the hearing, but you can also call after the hearing.)

Washington follows the Kyoto Protocol guidelines and sets 1990 as the emissions benchmark. In other words – how are we doing compared to 1990?

The most recent state emissions analysis (Dec. 2016) shows we are at 106% of 1990 levels.

Transportation is by far the largest source of emissions in our state – 42.8%, with most of that from on-road gasoline (that’s us, in our cars).

–> Reasons to support HB 1144:

– It’s a clean bill, with one purpose – update our emissions targets. This makes it more likely to pass.

– It follows the December 2016 recommendations from the Climate Impacts Group at the UW’s College of the Environment and the WA State Department of Ecology.

– It brings Washington into alignment with California’s highly-effective emission targets.

– It re-sets state emissions targets in order to help limit global warming: The 2020 target remains at 1990 levels. The 2035 target moves from 25% to 40% below 1990 levels. The 2050 target moves from 50% to 80% below 1990 levels.

Sample script:
“Hi, I’m a constituent / voter (use “constituent” if you live in the district), and I’m calling to leave an important message for Representative ________.”

“I’m calling to ask her to please support stronger emissions targets in our state by voting for HB 1144.”

Phone numbers: (includes Legislative District)
Joe Fitzgibbon, Chair (D) 34 (360) 786-7952
Strom Peterson, Vice Chair (D) 21 (360) 786-7950
Matt Shea (R) 4 (360) 786-7984
Shelly Short (R) 7 (360) 786-7908
Mary Dye (R) 9 (360) 786-7942
Jake Fey (D) 27 (360) 786-7974
Ruth Kagi (D) 32 (360) 786-7910
Joan McBride (D) 48 (360) 786-7848
David Taylor (R) 15 (360) 786-7874

You can also leave a written comment about the bill here:
(NOTE: Comments will go to your local legislators. You’ll want to call to contact the members of the Environment Committee.)

Thank you!

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