About Us

Our mission is to connect, empower, and mobilize women in Washington State to protect our environment and our climate.

We are an action-oriented, grassroots organization, which means we’re here to get things done and support each other along the way!

In a time when the federal political climate is becoming more hostile by the hour, we are fortunate to live in a state and a region where real progress on environmental issues is possible–but only if we fight for it. There’s power in our numbers if we’re ready to use it.

We would love for you to join our efforts. We publish regular action items online via our website and our Facebook group (and soon via email in our weekly Action List).

We host regular meetings and Action Cafes where you can connect with other women in your community, get the resources and tools you need to take meaningful action, and grow your skills as an advocate and activist.

Will you join us? Find us on Facebook, add our site to your favorites, and sign up soon for our Action List emails.

Thank you for being here! Let’s get to work! 🙂